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Beyond spartan veganism

Eating 10 bananas for a mid afternoon snack sounds as appealing as eating a dozen raw eggs. But, I guess the  willingness to follow supreme discipline is what separates many of us from the land of warriordom described in today’s Vegans muscle their way into bodybuilding New York Times article by Mary Pilon.

Undoubtedly vegan talk is on the rise amongst the larger US population. Though, likely, most opt for a less rigid implementation, more of a vegan styled eating with temperance mixed in, than a practice of rigid animal meat and dairy abstinence.

Minimalist Mark Bittman’s recipes for the semi-vegan are a great way to balance flavors with protein needs while still keeping it hardy for the winter. Best of all, many of the ingredients are grown in the US.

And, there’s always the vegan yum yum  blog which has tasty recipes for special occasions and entertaining.