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Resiliency amidst systemic changes

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Messy multilateralism and a mediascape long removed from the glory day budgets of the 70’s-90’s. Where do we turn to for wisdom? Why not Japanese author Yuriko Miyamoto:

Born just 50 years after Japan first opened itself to foreigners, Yuriko Miyamoto lived through the transformation from Meiji era Edo (1868-1912) to post-World War Tokyo, inhabiting the many spheres where the new and old orders coalesced.

How does one attain the motivation to endure ? I wonder how Yuriko tackled this question.

She wrote about her divorce, same sex coupling, and finally her marriage to Communist leader and literary critic Kenji Miyamoto. Never doubting, always writing, she would eventually become the conscience of the intellectuals.
During her 52 years she published over 100 short stories, novels, travel journals, and essays, devoting her life to writing about class and gender issues in the modern era.

She is known for her rejection of the traditional female role, the institute of marriage and the state, and her advocacy for improved societies.

It’s too bad only four of her works are available in English. Surely we would benefit from increased access. Until the full collection is available, I recommend Nobuko, The Breast, and One Flower.