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OakTown Gardens

OakTown Gardens: Reducing waste to ‘green’ Lincoln Elementary

This year, Lincoln Elementary did something few schools would have dreamt of 10 years ago: It formalized a green connection with Waste Management to exchange food scraps for compost., 

OakTown Gardens: Growing It All

Max Osterhaus visits his father’s Wisconsin ranch in the winter, 

OakTown Gardens: Blending naturalness, absence of pretense in 

Marcia Kai-Kee and Ed Oshika’s street-facing 

OakTown Gardens: Adams Point oasis inspires owner, area 

Adams Point oasis inspires owner, area residents.

OakTown Gardens: Renovating through experimentation | Oakland 

Digital artist, poet and storyteller George Aguilar has spent the last 

OakTown Gardens: Using a garden as business inspiration 

 “We don’t watch TV. We spend time in the garden.”  

OakTown gardens: Cultivating through hurdles | Oakland Local

Research shows that gentle gardening reduces stress levels and blood pressure. But, that doesn’t make it any easier to stick your hands in dirt

OakTown Gardens: Professional landscaper shares own garden at

Robin Dunlavy, co-owner of Garden Girls, keeps the roughly 10×20-foot area in her own home’s front yard brimming with plants

OakTown Gardens: Growing indoors | Oakland Local

 Dalmar Smith didn’t let apartment living get in the way of having a garden. When the financial services research assistant found

OakTown Gardens: Turning a small space into a ‘calming’ oasis

Jul 24, 2012 – OakTown Gardens: Turning a small space into a ‘calming’ oasis. Over the last 16 years, Mr. Jay has turned his East Oakland

Hey Oakland: Show us your gardens! | Oakland Local

Hey Oakland: Show us your gardens!


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“Whenever you are faced with a choice between liberty and security, choose liberty or you will end up with neither.” B. Franklin

At times the more I ruminate the farther I move from a decision. And whilst liberty is a good measure to strive for, it’s not a guaranteed best case scenario. Here I think of Tolstoy’s Anna, who chose liberty, yet was so fixated on the choice that she drove herself mad. I prefer: whenever you are faced with a choice between liberty and security, choose liberty and forget about it at the ocean.

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A white so bright it almost glows

I saw “a white so bright it almost glows” as this group zigzagged across the sand dancing with the sun and avoiding my enchantment. Immediately my mind went to the penguins that behave in me, not me moments of time and I froze, just long enough to take this photo.

“What exactly compels a chick to leave isn’t known, and the chicks themselves seemed unsure about what they were doing, or why, as they tottered down to the shore. Small figures before an enormous beckoning sea, they looked both exhilarated and terrified by their own audacity. Then, perhaps prompted by some inner resolve, or by a dread of the giant petrels leering at them, they stepped forward and, flippers sculling madly, rushed at the waves. Tossed up in the swell beyond the surf, they stayed on the surface for only a moment, strangely, almost exuberantly buoyant, before they drove down and disappeared.” Read more of I, Turbo by Eric Wagner for Orion