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OakTown Gardens

OakTown Gardens: Reducing waste to ‘green’ Lincoln Elementary

This year, Lincoln Elementary did something few schools would have dreamt of 10 years ago: It formalized a green connection with Waste Management to exchange food scraps for compost., 

OakTown Gardens: Growing It All

Max Osterhaus visits his father’s Wisconsin ranch in the winter, 

OakTown Gardens: Blending naturalness, absence of pretense in 

Marcia Kai-Kee and Ed Oshika’s street-facing 

OakTown Gardens: Adams Point oasis inspires owner, area 

Adams Point oasis inspires owner, area residents.

OakTown Gardens: Renovating through experimentation | Oakland 

Digital artist, poet and storyteller George Aguilar has spent the last 

OakTown Gardens: Using a garden as business inspiration 

 “We don’t watch TV. We spend time in the garden.”  

OakTown gardens: Cultivating through hurdles | Oakland Local

Research shows that gentle gardening reduces stress levels and blood pressure. But, that doesn’t make it any easier to stick your hands in dirt

OakTown Gardens: Professional landscaper shares own garden at

Robin Dunlavy, co-owner of Garden Girls, keeps the roughly 10×20-foot area in her own home’s front yard brimming with plants

OakTown Gardens: Growing indoors | Oakland Local

 Dalmar Smith didn’t let apartment living get in the way of having a garden. When the financial services research assistant found

OakTown Gardens: Turning a small space into a ‘calming’ oasis

Jul 24, 2012 – OakTown Gardens: Turning a small space into a ‘calming’ oasis. Over the last 16 years, Mr. Jay has turned his East Oakland

Hey Oakland: Show us your gardens! | Oakland Local

Hey Oakland: Show us your gardens!


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Top cause related videos

To get in the video making mood I watched the following top videos found on the TechSoup website. With their 2012 Digi Storytelling winners in, I have lots of great short works to inspire me. Hoorah!
From the site: The 2012 Digital Storytelling Challenge was a great success, with more than 250 total submissions from social benefit organizations in 24 countries! We were impressed with the quality of the photo slideshows and videos, and all the hard work that went into them.

@getstoried’s favorite cause related video

@storyofstuff‘s favorite cause related video

1st place: Dave Thomas Foundation snagged top honors in the video category with its black-and-white submission, taking home one Seagate hard drive, two Flickr Pro accounts, one Citrix GoToMeeting account, oneAdobe Production Premium, one Cisco Flip Video Mino HD, and oneSlideRocket Pro account.

2nd place: Developmental Disabilities Association rose to the challenge with its action-packed video and smart messaging, winning one Seagate hard drive, one Flickr Pro account, one Citrix GoToMyPC account, one Adobe Premiere Elements, and one Cisco Flip Ultra.

Most Creative Storytelling or, as I like to call it, the Reading Rainbow styled winner: Oxfam,

Most Fun in a Minute, Best Animation: Alliance for Climate Education

Best Global Campaign Video: Let’s Do It! World

One more:

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Locked out of Big Beer in Grenada

Image by (cc) flickr user abolotnov.

Workers of the Grenada Breweries Ltd (a company owned by ANSA McAL) and their IUF affiliated Grenada Technical & Allied Workers’ Union are involved in a struggle for the rights of  locked out workers. Workers have been off the job without pay since December 13 and throughout the festive period– over 45 days.

On December 21, 2011, riot police were called when hundreds of workers blockaded the plant to prevent distribution. Several were arrested and detained including  Senator Chester Humphrey, President of the Grenada Technical & Allied Workers’ Union, 1st Vice President of the Grenada Trade Unions’ Council and General Secretary of the Caribbean Congress of Labour.

Read the IUF/UITA/IUL support campaign.
Learn more about workers in “big beer”.

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Food TED talks to watch and learn

“There are more Chinese restaurants in this country than McDonalds, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Wendy’s combined.”

Watch as  Jennifer 8. Lee talks about her hunt for the origins of familiar Chinese-American dishes.

“Preggo then went back and reformatted their sauces… over the next ten years they made 600 million dollars off their line of extra chunky sauces… That’s when you started to get seven differnt kinds of vinegar and 14 different kinds of mustard….”

Watch Malcom Gladwell talk about food marketing– and detail the debate between choice and happiness in the food industry.

Your body on Ramen And Gatorade

Watch other official TED Talks about food or view the full topic list.

Here’s a list of recent TEDx Manhattan, an unofficial offshoot of the non-profit TED, hosted lectures on “Changing The Way We Eat.” Links to come.

Dr. David Wallinga, Antibiotic Resistance
Wenonah Hauter, Food/Farming Consolidation in Poultry Industry
Dr. Robert S. Lawrence, Health/Meat Reduction/Consumption
Patty Cantrell, New Roads to Markets
Urvashi Rangan, Labeling and the Controversy Around it
Stefani Bardin’s on processed vs. unprocessed food.

Fred Kirschenmann, Soil
Michelle Hughes, GrowNYC – Immigrant Farming
Mitchell Davis, How Taste Affects Food Behavior
Wayne Pacelle, Impact of Factory Farming
Howard Hinterthuer, Veteran’s Food Production Project
Stephen Ritz, Edible Food Walls and How They’re Changing Students’ Lives.

Cara Rosaen, Online System for Restaurant Goers to Find Out Where Their Food Came From
Marianne Cufone, Recirculating Farms, What They Are and How They’re Helping People
Stefani Bardin video
Kerry McLean, Green Cart Program in NYC
Paul Lightfoot, Commercial Hydroponics on Top of Stores
Frieda Lim video
Kavita Shukla, Organic Paper That Keeps Produce Fresh
Gary Oppenheimer, Food Pantries and Food Distribution

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Beyond spartan veganism

Eating 10 bananas for a mid afternoon snack sounds as appealing as eating a dozen raw eggs. But, I guess the  willingness to follow supreme discipline is what separates many of us from the land of warriordom described in today’s Vegans muscle their way into bodybuilding New York Times article by Mary Pilon.

Undoubtedly vegan talk is on the rise amongst the larger US population. Though, likely, most opt for a less rigid implementation, more of a vegan styled eating with temperance mixed in, than a practice of rigid animal meat and dairy abstinence.

Minimalist Mark Bittman’s recipes for the semi-vegan are a great way to balance flavors with protein needs while still keeping it hardy for the winter. Best of all, many of the ingredients are grown in the US.

And, there’s always the vegan yum yum  blog which has tasty recipes for special occasions and entertaining.