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Food TED talks to watch and learn

“There are more Chinese restaurants in this country than McDonalds, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Wendy’s combined.”

Watch as  Jennifer 8. Lee talks about her hunt for the origins of familiar Chinese-American dishes.

“Preggo then went back and reformatted their sauces… over the next ten years they made 600 million dollars off their line of extra chunky sauces… That’s when you started to get seven differnt kinds of vinegar and 14 different kinds of mustard….”

Watch Malcom Gladwell talk about food marketing– and detail the debate between choice and happiness in the food industry.

Your body on Ramen And Gatorade

Watch other official TED Talks about food or view the full topic list.

Here’s a list of recent TEDx Manhattan, an unofficial offshoot of the non-profit TED, hosted lectures on “Changing The Way We Eat.” Links to come.

Dr. David Wallinga, Antibiotic Resistance
Wenonah Hauter, Food/Farming Consolidation in Poultry Industry
Dr. Robert S. Lawrence, Health/Meat Reduction/Consumption
Patty Cantrell, New Roads to Markets
Urvashi Rangan, Labeling and the Controversy Around it
Stefani Bardin’s on processed vs. unprocessed food.

Fred Kirschenmann, Soil
Michelle Hughes, GrowNYC – Immigrant Farming
Mitchell Davis, How Taste Affects Food Behavior
Wayne Pacelle, Impact of Factory Farming
Howard Hinterthuer, Veteran’s Food Production Project
Stephen Ritz, Edible Food Walls and How They’re Changing Students’ Lives.

Cara Rosaen, Online System for Restaurant Goers to Find Out Where Their Food Came From
Marianne Cufone, Recirculating Farms, What They Are and How They’re Helping People
Stefani Bardin video
Kerry McLean, Green Cart Program in NYC
Paul Lightfoot, Commercial Hydroponics on Top of Stores
Frieda Lim video
Kavita Shukla, Organic Paper That Keeps Produce Fresh
Gary Oppenheimer, Food Pantries and Food Distribution