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Mosaicos transforman barrios

LLENAN DE COLORIDOS MOSAICOS LAS CALLES – Algunas calles grises de Oakland, California más conocidas por el grafiti y los robos, se están llenando de colores, gracias al trabajo de un grupo de artistas y cientos de voluntarios. Estos activistas culturales se proponen cambiar el paisaje urbano creando murales de mosaicos en las paredes de espacios públicos, en maceteros y en contenedores de basura. Irene Florez platicó con algunos de los artistas detrás del proyecto, y nos entrega este reportaje. Este reportaje es parte de la serie Raíces: historias sobre los artistas del pueblo.

ARTISTS SPRUCE UP STREETS WITH COLORFUL MOSAICS – Some gray streets of Oakland, California, known for graffiti and theft, are being filled now with color, thanks to the work of a group of artists and hundreds of volunteers. These cultural activists propose to change the urban landscape, creating mosaic murals on the walls of public spaces, flowerpots, and trashcans. Irene Florez spoke with some of the artists behind the project and has this story. This feature story is part of the Raíces series: stories about grassroots artists.

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Character, one tile at a time

In 2008 a group of Oakland residents began a beautification initiative to supplement their crime prevention work and meet more neighbors. They began with one mosaic mural.

Three years later, they have created over 15 mosaic projects and have been awarded 3 local hero awards from the City of Oakland.

According to the team the flexible nature of the mosaic art form makes it an ideal community development project.

They hope their project will be replicated in other communities.

Hear their process, progress, and their works’ potential in this segment.

Want to see their work for yourself? Click here to see a map of their mosaic projects. Want to overlay the mosaic sites on a map of Oakland neighborhoods? Use the Our Oakland map.

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