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Words on heroes

Fabric wall photo by Jan Smith, flickr, Creative Commons license

Warrior, protector, defender. Today, the word hero is defined by websters as one who carries out great feats.

What makes a hero? What do our hero associations imply? This piece reflects on the word and asks questions using the words of hero-theme writers and Umberto Eco.


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The Kitchen of Champions cooks it up

Harley DeCent preps beef patties for the grill.

Over the last three years the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in Oakland has developed a program, part academy and part job placement workshop, where standout individuals dealing with various levels of distress such as prison re-entry and homelessness metamorph into lean mean cooking machines.

In twelve weeks this program covers 400 instruction hours and carries out 30 tests. On average 76 percent of Kitchen of Champions graduates find work after the program.

Lonnie, a recent grad, Chef Michael Stamm, and Brett Forman talk about the Kitchen of Champions in this segment.