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Part-time creator and strategist (read: photo, sound, print), I rejoice when at the intersection of policy, food, development and philosophy. A communitarian and naturalist who enjoys farming and forest trails, aside from passive sentences, my creative pieces are oft imbued with Kaizen and Theravada/zen ideas. In 2004 I WWOOF‘ed on organic farms along the coast of France, counter clock-wise from Nice to Quimper. There I lived without phones or mirrors and learned about blé and homemade yoghurt. Noticably, my farm vocabulary outshines my argot. Now I just have to wait until the day when I find myself in a French language debate on rakes or compost toilets.

Associations: AIR, ONA, NFCBCalifornia Writers Club, LOL Hacker Space, Pan Theater, TND Runners,

Readily submersed in music, news and design, right now i’m listening to the Crystal Fighters and The Olivia Tremor Control. Other media favorites include: The Financial Times, China Daily, The New York Times, Radio LabFlyp MediaRSA Animate99%  and El Tiempo.

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One thought on “About

  1. Hola Irene,
    I would like to inquire from you on the possibility to get broadcast coverage from you & your staff sometime this month or whenever possible. MEDA has been entrusted with a task related to “Scam Alert” against those companies preying on people’s need for assistance to mediate with the banks to avoid foreclosure. We previously only touched on the file specifics of our client Ana Romero, but there are a lot of elderly in the community being scammed out of anywhere from $2k up to $5k for services they can receive for free, and often times they take the money and never advocate nor submit the loan restructuring request they paid for.
    This is also very common in the Latino community where we are receiving clients coming in after having been scammed from agencies that never helped them, a lot of which roots from the lack of industry knowledge or language barriers our people face all the time.
    If there is a possibility to do so, please let us know the time, place and the amount of time we need to prepare for in order to get the message out there while at the same time educate our people about resources available to them such as MEDA and other non-profit agencies closed to their area.

    Thank you, and hope to hear from you about this small segment. Best regards.

    Jose L. Rodriguez
    Foreclosure Prevention HUD Counselor

    Mission Economic Development Agency
    HUD Certified Housing Counseling Agency
    Main Office: Plaza Adelante
    2301 Mission Street, Suite 301
    San Francisco, CA 94110
    P: 415.282.3334 ext. 114
    F: 415.282.3320

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