Receta: Crepes Baia Supervivencia

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Puro Power Crepe Recipe

crepe batter crepes2crepe-71

These crepes are delicious and loaded with nutrition. The preparation takes only a few minutes and in little time you will have delicious crepes to enjoy. 

Easy Crepe Recipe
Mix and liquefy the following in a blender:
1.5 C water
1/2 C milk
1 C whole wheat flour
1/2 C steel cut oats (cooked)
1/4 C rye oat flakes
1 egg
1/8 C chia seeds
1/8 C ground flax seeds
1 pinch of salt
ground eggshells
1/4 C sugar or your preferred sweetener in a smaller quantity

Once cooked fill them with bananas, apples, pears, avocados honey, jam, ghee, peanut butter, or any other sweet and/or savory crepe classics.

Receta fácil de panqueques
Mezcla lo siguiente en la licuadora:
1 T agua
1/2 T leche
1 T harina integral de trigo
1/2 T avena integral (cocinada)
1 huevo
1/8 T semillas chia
1/8 T linasa molida
cazcara de huevo molida
1/4 T azucar


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