Simplifying is a powerful tool

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DoNotFeedTheJargonWhat’s cool about coding? Everything. You not only get around a problem, you create a smooth, simple yet robust, system that works! and that opens up your options for even more interesting work. For me, coding is like creating your own concierge. Most recently I’ve been playing with macros to integrate different Google Drive tools. And, I’m now using IFTT formulas at home. Best of all, I’ve got my fiance using macros at home for calendaring and budgeting. This has been a great time saver.

My friends Yta and Carlos are also coding geeks and, they are also committed to sharing what they know. Right now they are doing this through their book, Lauren Ipsum.

From Carlos’ blog: “a crucial part of computer science is training yourself to think clearly. You can’t explain clearly unless you think clearly. And what is programming, if not explaining things to the computer?” And just to throw in some Spanish: “Es un mito de que se necesita una mente especial para entender la informática…” sequro que hasta los niños lo pueden hacer si no se les dice que es dificil.

Learning and teaching the art of flow, ahhhh, the future awaits.


Author: ireneflorez

Bogotá-born, Oakland-based media bee.

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