Tim Anderson, Bay Area DIY superstar

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DIY book scanner. Photo by Flickr (cc) user PugnoM.

“The two big things, of course, that are wrong with this country are not enough bamboo and not enough monkeys… Don’t you think we’d be better if we had more monkeys running around?” – Tim Anderson, self-identified pro bono night watchman.

Tim Anderson is one of the Bay Area’s more colorful characters. Or so I learned after hearing a KALW segment on Anderson by Jon Kalish. To be fully dramatic, Kalish’s segment has me entranced. I feel like I did just after I heard my first Radio Lab episode, the one on memory. Suddenly I feel connected, there are people who are funny! who get it! who are creating and doing! And better still, I’m not sure who i’m more intrigued by, Anderson or Kalish.

From the segment: If you are part of the DIY scene you may have come across Tim Anderson’s column on heirloom technology in Make magazine or some of the more than 200 projects he’s documented on, the San Francisco-based web site that has step-by-step instructions for making all sorts of stuff. Or, maybe you’ve caught Anderson’s entertaining web videos that explain how to turn a shopping cart into a chair or drapes into a hammock.

A few years ago, Anderson used his DIY chops to help launch a successful high-tech start-up. But, despite a huge payday, he insists on living small here in the Bay Area, making him something of a rock star come superhero in the Do-It-Yourself movement.

Hear the full segment today on KALW at 5pm or hear it online after the show.

And hear the related Kalish production on DIY homestead makers that aired on NPR.


Author: ireneflorez

Bogotá-born, Oakland-based media bee.

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