The community acupuncture frontier


With more people losing their jobs and fewer people spending like they did in the past, community acupuncture has become the new frontier for the alternative health industry.

Across the United States, hundreds of community acupuncture clinics have sprung up in the last few years. According to Karen Grosskreutz, membership coordinator for the newly established POCA COOP, every week, six new clinics register as POCA members. Today, 170 clinics are registered, although Grosskreutz said she believes that the actual working number is closer to 300. This includes clinics that were part of COPA’s predecessor, the Community Acupuncture Network.

In Oakland, six clinics offer the group setting, sliding scale acupuncture known for it’s reliance on hand, head and feet treatment points. Compare that to 10 clinics in Seattle and five clinics in Portland’s 97213 zip code alone.

Watch the video.

Read the Oakland Local story.


Author: ireneflorez

Bogotá-born, Oakland-based media bee.

2 thoughts on “The community acupuncture frontier

  1. i have never tried acupuncture, but extremely interested … just for a stress-reliever .. great work.

  2. I really like acupunture because it is safe and effective and apparently it has no side effects. .

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