Shabu-shabu holiday

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To start the holiday this year we ate a three course, Korean-style shabu-shabu 쇠고기.

Our beef shabu-shabu included thin slices of beef, nappa cabbage, onion, green onions, bean sprouts, bok choi, mushrooms (enoki, cèpes, shiitake, crumpet, and beech), chrysanthemum leaves, noodles 갈국수, broth 쭉, a kimchi side, dipping sauce and white rice.

From wikipedia: The dish is prepared by submerging a very thin slice of meat or a piece of vegetable in a pot of boiling water or dashi (broth) made with kombu (kelp) and swishing it back and forth several times. The familiar swishing sound is where the dish gets its name. Shabu-shabu directly translates to “swish-swish”. Cooked meat and vegetables are usually dipped in ponzu or “goma” (sesame seed) sauce before eating, and served with a bowl of steamed white rice. Once the meat and vegetables have been eaten, leftover broth from the pot is customarily combined with the remaining rice, and the resulting soup is usually eaten last.

And in between each serving we toasted life, friends and vitality.


Author: ireneflorez

Bogotá-born, Oakland-based media bee.

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